We transform your business by removing IT roadblocks

Think of the number 1 thing you wish your business could do today… What would it be? Transforming your customer service and customer-orientation? Innovating? Growing services to reach a global scale? Rapidly responding to new business needs? Delivering new products, new services, and IT functionality?

Sentinus can show you how to transform your business using IT. We are the experts in cloud architecture. We’ll show you what steps to take, what solutions to use, and how to remove your IT roadblocks.

What’s the Sentinus difference? We actively track over 1,500 enterprise-grade innovative solutions that are used by the fastest growing Fortune 1000 companies. We know which solutions work, and which solutions can work for you. Sentinus shows you how to cut free from the burden, headaches and chores, and work smarter. Contact us…

Simplify your IT

Does it sometimes feel like your IT is unnecessarily complicated? IT doesn’t have to be that way. Cut yourself free from complex IT environments that are difficult to maintain, costly to change, and cause you headaches. The best IT solutions are simple. They make your life easier, and save you time.

Bring your strategy to life

The gap between great ideas and successful implementation can seem insurmountable. Sentinus helps by laying out a roadmap that takes you from today to achieving your strategy. We show you how to fit the pieces together, identifying the options you have today, and opportunities for the future. With Sentinus, your ideas become tangible.

Make the right choices

To make the right decision, it’s important to understand the implications. We give you the input you need to make the best decisions. First, Sentinus performs a risk assessment of your current state. Second, we show you what options you have and the vendors that can help you, with a market scan. Third, we can complete detailed reviews of cloud services and managed services to help you understand whether they are right for you.

What’s your strategy?

Looking for a way to deliver your business strategy? Discover how Sentinus can help with your top priority…
Cost Savings

Sentinus works with you to significantly cut your costs. Here are some of the strategies we’ve successfully used in the past:

  • Eliminate waste throughout your IT organisation. We’ve helped organisations find the optimum size for their infrastructure, to avoid paying for resources they don’t need, and to reduce rework and duplication across their business.
  • Better analytics, for better information and insights. Through transparency and understanding of your IT costs, and where you achieve benefits, you can make decisions on where to cut costs.
  • Source smarter. By moving to commodity services, you can reduce your spend on day-to-day IT, and instead focus on the things that matter.
Speed and Agility

In business, speed and agility win. Here are some of the strategies that Sentinus uses to ramp up your agility:

  • Collaboration in the enterprise. Create a working environment that supports fast communication. Ensure your IT systems work the way your business does – working on the go, sharing, teamwork, mobile.
  • On-demand services, with the ability to scale capacity rapidly. By using cloud services, you can deliver new capabilities when you need them.
  • Reduce IT operational issues by using managed and cloud services. Get rid of the headaches and chores so you can focus more time and effort on core business
Rapid Growth

Prove your idea in a small implementation, and then take that same solution to global scale. Some of the successful strategies that Sentinus uses include:

  • Capacity on-tap. With the ability to rapidly increase capacity as needed, you only pay for what you use, while enjoying the benefits of scale.
  • Proven solutions. We know which vendors can operate at enterprise-scale, and are used by the world’s largest companies
  • Trust that you can handle growth. We have experience with the things that go wrong at size, and can help you through performance testing, so you can manage growth without the growing pains.
Reduce Risk

Cut your business risk with world-class manageability, visibility and control. At Sentinus, we understand risk, and architect for:

  • Security. We review solutions against international security standards like ISO27001, ensuring that your IT is properly tested and verified.
  • Failure-tolerance. We check that IT services and infrastructure can properly resist and recover from failures due to error, deliberate attack, or disaster.
  • Transparency. We believe that you can best manage your risk only when you understand your IT infrastructure, service-levels, policies and usage.

Sentinus are the cloud architecture experts

At Sentinus, we have experience and expertise in cloud architecture. Here’s some of the things that we do:

  • Roadmaps, showing you the specific steps, technologies and changes you can use to reach your business goals
  • Solutions Architecture, analysis, planning and design to make your IT projects successful
  • Risk Assessment, so you can better understand and manage your organisation’s risk profile
  • Detailed review of cloud and managed services
  • Market scan, giving you a picture of the market, and identifying opportunities that can work for you

Sounds interesting?

Sentinus helps companies bring their strategies to life... and we can help you to do the same. Contact us, and we'll arrange a time for a free, confidential discussion of your needs.

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